Identifying key behavioural, cultural, economic and social influences of antibiotic use in China: Scoping review of the literature

Lead researcher

  • Susan Michie, Professor (Centre for Behaviour Change, University College London)
Antibiotic use in China

About the project

Widespread inappropriate use of antibiotic drugs is a major contributor to the growing problem of antibiotic resistance worldwide. Antibiotic prescribing and consumption in China, especially in rural areas, exceeds recommended levels and is higher than many other countries. Research, however, is currently focused on Europe and North America. 

In the context of the Newton Fund UK-China Antimicrobial Initiative ‘Pathways to optimising antibiotic use in Anhui province: Identifying key determinants of antibiotic consumption and prescribing in community and clinical settings’, led by Professor Helen Lambert, we are conducting a scoping study reviewing the literature on this topic.

Project aim

To identify key influences on antibiotic use in community and clinical settings in China. We will synthesise the research evidence for these settings to answer the following question: What are key behavioural, cultural, economic and social predictors and explanations of antibiotic use in humans in China?

Anticipated impacts

This research will provide a better understanding of influences on antibiotic consumption in China as a basis for developing evidence-based interventions likely to be effective in reducing antibiotic resistance. It will further highlight research gaps that future studies should focus on.


Newton Fund

Project dates

June 2016 to July 2019

Research team

  • Susan Michie, Professor (Centre for Behaviour Change, University College London)
  • Christie Cabral, Dr (University of Bristol)
  • Meixuan Chen, Dr (University of Bristol)
  • Caroline Coope, Dr (Public Health England)
  • Feng Rui, Dr (Anhui Medical University)
  • Paul Kadetz, Dr (Xi'an Jiaotong Liverpool University )
  • Helen Lambert, Professor (University of Bristol)
  • Annegret Schneider, Dr (University College London) 
  • Debin Wang, Professor (Anhui Medical University)