Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisory Board is chaired by an independent academic with experience of working in Public Health England (PHE) and includes two members of the public supported by the University of the West of England and People in Health West of England

The Scientific Advisory Board also includes leaders in the fields of public health, health protection and behavioural science not otherwise affiliated with the HPRU and a representative from another HPRU. 

The Board meets annually with University of Bristol and PHE directors and the HPRU Executive Group to monitor progress and advise on future business plans. 

The Board organises an annual scientific meeting for the HPRU to present findings, report on progress, and strengthen collaborations and new projects between PHE and our academic network. 

Current Board members:

Dr André Charlett, Public Health England

Prof. Bernadette Hannigan, Public Health England (Observer)

Prof. Matthew Hickman, University of Bristol (Observer)

Dr Noel McCarthy, University of Warwick

Prof. Isabel Oliver, Public Health England (Observer)

Prof. James Stuart, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (Chair)

Prof. Caroline Sabin, University College London

Dr Caroline Trotter, University of Cambridge

Dr Ursula Wells, Department of Health (Observer)