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  • Protecting Newborns NationallyA picture of the vaccination provision across maternity servicesBy Dr Emma Anderson, Research Fellow at the University of BristolIntroductionMaternal vaccination programs play a key role in safeguarding the health of mothers and infants. Pregnant women in the UK have been recommended to be vaccinated against pertussis (whooping cough) since 2012, influenza (in ‘flu season) since 2010, and Covid-19 since 2021 to protect their babies. Uptake rates for these vaccines are relatively low, with over a third of pregnant women missing out on their pertussis vaccine and more than half missing out on ‘flu. Previously women had to make […]
  • Addressing climate change and health through behavioural science By Behavioural Scientists Dr Helena Wehling, Priyanjali Ratwatte and Dr Dale Weston, Behavioural Science and Insights Unit, UK Health Security Agency What is climate change and how does our behaviour impact it? Climate change refers to the long-term shift in temperature and weather patterns across the world and is caused by the release of greenhouses gasses such as carbon dioxide into the air. This causes global warming, meaning that global temperatures gradually rise over time due to the greenhouse effect (i.e., gases trapping heat close to the earth’s surface and increasing global temperature). […]
  • Can ChatGPT help develop health interventions more rapidly? By Dr Hannah Bowers and Professor Lucy Yardley (Professor of psychological sciences), Health Protection Research Unit in Behavioural Science and Evaluation at the University of Bristol. On behalf of Cynthia Ochieng, Sarah Bennett, Sarah Denford, Milly Johnston, and the Behavioural Interventions Group. What is Generative Artificial Intelligence? Generative artificial intelligence (AI) refers to a type of AI that makes content on its own after being prompted by its user. It uses complex algorithms and scientific techniques to create new content (for example written text, images, video or code). Generative AI tools can […]

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