Mina is one of our Public Involvement Strategy Group members.

Christina Stokes


I am retired. I previously worked for over 30 years as a youth worker and youth work manager. I have also been an accountant, a teacher a lecturer and a city councillor.

I got involved as a patient and public involvement (PPI) contributor through a friend who was already involved. Since then I have had eight years’ experience of contributing my views to a wide range of health research projects.

I have also been involved in developing a strategy for PPI in primary care research at the University of Bristol, so thought that I would have something to contribute in developing a strategy for PPI at the Health Protection Research Unit (HPRU).

I enjoy discussing things in the meetings and I feel like I am contributing in a small way to improving public health policy and practice.

People who are not directly involved in research or the health service often see things in a different way to those who are. I think that good quality PPI is fundamental to effective research.

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