Understanding the contact that people have with each other can help policy makers develop the most effective control strategies for infectious diseases like COVID-19. However, individuals in the academic community can have quite different social interactions to the general population. 

Researchers at the University of Bristol are conducting a survey to investigate contact patterns, COVID-19-like symptoms, and changes in behaviour for University of Bristol staff and students.  

Take the survey

The survey is now open. If you work or are a student at the University of Bristol, please take the survey and help us with this important research. Thank you.

Survey timeline

  • June 2020 – Survey goes live 
  • We will be looking to see if contact patterns and behaviour change over time, so future versions of the survey will be sent out at different times (dates currently unknown).
  • Aggregate results from the survey will be made available on the project website once available (date currently unknown)


This project is funded by the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research at the University of Bristol. 

Research team

Emily Nixon, Ellen Brooks-Pollock, Leon Danon, Hannah Christensen, Adam Finn, Adam Trickey, Amy Thomas, Jane Metz, Clara Montgomery, Katie Lihou and others